Artist, Producer: Hu Renyi

Artist, Illustrator: Lisha Jiang

Supported By: Shanghai Project, Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Date: 23rd, July,2017. 14:00-16:00

Location: Shanghai Himalayas Museum 3F



Supported by the Shanghai Project and the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, artist Hu Renyi is debuting the Longtang Clan-an interdisciplinary project that combines comic, fashion, behavior and media together and serves as the inaugural event for Shanghai Project Chapter 2.


The new mission of Longtang Clan-Kashmir will be presented on July 23, 2017, organized and hosted by artist, illustrator Lisha Jiang. We are inviting for friends to join the workshop and to design superhero costumes for their own.


About Longtang Clan


Longtang Clan are normal people living in Shanghai, but they were born with unique talents; when they put on their costumes, their superpower will come alive. They will go out and help the people of the city, fight against evil and praise the good without leaving their real name.


In an effort to understand our social value system and individual mental phenomena, artist Hu Renyi has been dedicated to exploring the connections between modern people through various media. He created the Longtang Clan to represent the commonly seen superhero image, represented in cultures around the world—superheroes are fictional characters derived from our daily lives, and by means of comics, novels, movies, animations and TV series, they live amongst us. They are symbols of our childhoods. It is the duty of superheroes to safeguard the world and its peoples at critical moments, while also building our sense of judgement and integrity.


The project has been in formation since 2015, and is an amalgamation of work by diverse talents, such as comic artists, fashion designers, and visual effect artists. The tasks of the Longtang Clan are based on the conditions of the city—where there is a need for help, there is the Longtang Clan. We are looking forward to your participation!






Shanghai Himalayas Museum